Partner Relations


Our Focus

  MannaWell is being very intentional in its market entry carefully building relationships with larger participants in the changing industry in California.  One of our first initiatives is to conduct a study for a large cannabis company focused on supporting small family farms that will demonstrate the efficiency improvements gained by using Diamond Fleur for oil extraction and other manufacturing processes. Additionally, we are developing relationships with other major cannabis product distributors, manufacturers, and retailers to build market for products that utilize Diamond Fleur. MannaWell is finding the market to be receptive and expects to rapidly build a dominant market presence for its unique products.   


Our Passion

MannaWell is rooted in the community of small farmers of the Emerald Triangle in Northern California. These roots started in the 1970s with Michael Hollister, a founding partner of MannaWell, with his efforts to develop medicinal applications for cannabis. In 2016, MannaWell formally established itself as a cannabis technology research and development company and since then have worked with small farmers in Northern California to demonstrate innovative technologies in greenhouse (high tunnel) cannabis production with zero nutrient discharge, integrated pest management, organic production protocols, and fractalization of whole plant botanicals.