About Us


Humboldt County Born

MannaWell, located in the Emerald Triangle in Humboldt County, was founded in 2016 to establish Cottage Tier growing technology, a self-funding, economical and duplicatable supply chain from small growers. For these growers, Cottage Tier protects them from encroaching industrial large scale grows by providing markets for their products.  


Supporting Local

We have demonstrated this cultivation technology, which met all the stringent laboratory testing requirements. We can now support small local growers-- our source of raw product. Our first step, the Microbusiness Cannabis Permit will allow us to provide proprietary strains, give cultural support, purchase, process and package, distribute, transport, and sell anywhere in the State of California.   


Growing The Future

 MannaWell continues to evaluate and conduct important research and development on cultivation and processing technologies that support local growers. Currently, we are focusing on building a market for fractalized, whole-plant Humboldt County-derived cannabis powder “Diamonds Fleur” that we produce by utilizing our exclusive license for the patented Diamond Pod Technology.